I remember as a kid, how much fun I thought winter was. Sledding, skiing, skating, building snowmen, snowball fights. I couldn't get enough. All day just bundled up and playing outside.

Well, those days are long gone. I detest cold weather. I don't like looking at trees that look like we just went through a nuclear blast.

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Here, I'll give you a short list of why I dislike Winter.

  • Cooped up inside. This alone will drive a sane person over the edge by the time Spring rolls around.
  • Having to warm my car up and constantly scraping ice of my windows or brushing snow off my car.
  • Walking ever so carefully to avoid a sudden gust of gravity and landing on my a**.
  • I just never quite feel warm enough
  • Those damn heating bills. Air conditioning I mostly use only at night to sleep.  The heat stays on 24/7 in the Winter.
  • Not enough of that sunshine, making the days seem way too short.
  • Darkness at 4:30 PM.
  • Driving on icy roads.  Never used to bother me but things have changed.
  • Chapped lips, dry skin and constantly blowing my nose.
  • I get up in the morning at 4 AM. In the winter it is pretty tough climbing out of my warm bed.
  • Last and certainly not least. Shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.

Now, I am fully aware that there are many that love winter or, at least, try and make the best of it. That is great for those people but for me, I could totally live without it. Some will say "Move then". Easier said than done.

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