I was at the Benton County Fair on Saturday and was pretty excited to eat my heart out. I didn't have a plan of what I wanted to eat--my plan was just to go with the flow.

Little did I know that flow would land me literally next to one of the biggest troll jobs I've ever seen in public.

After getting my fill on wings, fries, cheese curds and cheesecake...I decided I needed a bag of mini donuts for the ride home. I mean, what if I got hungry? (told you I was there to eat my heart out).

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I was standing in a pretty long line for donuts, but that didn't discourage me. When you're waiting for mini donuts, time probably isn't an issue for you.

There were about 10 people standing around the food truck waiting for their food order. It seemed like the truck was a little short staffed. One of the crew members announced that the next mini donut order was up!

That's when this 7-year-old boy grabbed the bag of donuts. But, right before he could eat one, this random guy nabbed it out of his hands. I saw it happen and so did the boy's father.

It was shocking to say the least. The boy's father decided to confront the man, "hey, why did you take that from my kid?"

I don't even remember the other man's reply. It was something like, "because I did" or "because I ordered first."

The boy's father said, "he's seven years old. Why did you take it out of his hands?"

The other man just kept smiling and laughing at the guy with a very smug look on his face. But the boy's father just kept saying 'he's seven' and asking why he'd do that, over and over again. "I bet you even take candy from babies" said the boy's dad.

I thought it was over...but I was wrong. The boy's dad pushed the other man, not hard, but definitely a slight shove to start something.

The other man had a boy there with him and he told his son, who was probably 7-9 years old push the man back...and, he DID.

That's when I started backing up a bit because I thought, 'oh no, it's about to go down.'

Then, a third man decided to get involved. He started telling the father of the 7-year-old boy to let the issue go because the other man was there first and waiting.

The third man was getting pretty heated. His order for mini donuts was called, and he apologized to the 7-year-old boy for having to still wait his turn for donuts. But, explained that 'that's how it goes' and said his order would be out soon.

That's when the troll job happened that NONE of us in line saw coming. The father of the boy started laughing, broke character and explained that it was all in fun because the man who took the donuts from his child was his brother.


They were just giving all of us in line a show that we didn't pay for. It certainly helped pass the time before my food order was up. But, oh my lanta...that was one of the BEST troll jobs I've ever seen in real life. They should have won an award for their acting because it seemed way too real. Woah.

I still feel bad for the random 3rd guy who got in the middle of two brothers being goof balls. He thought it was real too and was ready to jump in and share his opinion.

In case you were wondering, I did eventually get my bag of mini donuts and they were so good.


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