Back in 2017 my wife and I honeymooned in Finland.

Finland, Minnesota that is. As you can imagine, we found great entertainment in insinuating an exotic overseas honeymoon to friends and family before revealing that we were actually just a few hours up the North Shore. Still, while the culture of Minnesota has certainly adapted and evolved into its modern state over the decades, the heritage and influence of different cultures remains visible, perhaps most noticeably in the names of cities and towns around us.

One clever individual on Reddit planned out a "Minnesota World Tour" road trip with each stop in Minnesota sharing its name with some famous or notable city elsewhere around the world!

Minnesota World Tour! from r/minnesota

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The 8 hour 21 minute drive begins not far from St. Cloud, just up I-94 in Alexandria, the most famous Alexandria abroad found in Egypt. From there, the map leads to New Munich (Munich, Germany), Belgrade (, Belgrade, Serbia), New London (London, England), Montevideo (Montevideo, Uruguay), Delhi (Delhi, India), Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden), New Prague (Prague, Czech Republic), Hanover (Hanover, Germany) and finally Cambridge (Cambridge, England). Many on Reddit have been quick to suggest additional cities to the map.

"Yes, I'm aware there are more world cities I could have included," said the maps creator j_ly on Reddit. "Google Maps limits you to 10 destinations."

Other suggestions include: Oslo (Norway), Denmark (Denmark), Milan (Italy), Cologne (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Holland (Holland). While certainly a fun idea and scenic trip, we wouldn't suggest this route next time you need to get from Alexandria, MN to Cambridge; the 2 hour 8 minute direct route is a lot faster!

What Minnesota cities or towns would you add to the Minnesota World Tour?

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