I often wonder if our dogs, Zoey and Astro ever get tired of eating the same thing twice a day, every day. Recently we've been adding some warm water to their dry food and they seem to like that added touch.

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I'm not sure if this is a recommended diet, but it worked for Mitch Felderhoff, president of Muenster Milling Company in Muenster, in Texas which makes dog food.  Mind you, Mitch didn't eat dog food for a month to lose weight.

In Mitch's words "We're not going to feed your dog something unless we've eaten it first.".  And, he did.  When asked about how eating dog food for 30 days went, Mitch said  "That first four days was really tough . . . [but] not going to lie, I feel pretty fantastic . . . with the exception of really missing the flavor of normal food.".

Great job by Mitch proving his product is not only good for your dog but actually edible for humans,. Not that you would ever consider adding it to your diet. i wonder if Mitch had any urges to chase cars?

I remember once years ago, going to the grocery store to get some dog food and while I was there, decided to pick up a loaf of bread, since we were running low at home. The look on the cashier's face when I plopped down 2 cans of dog food and a loaf of bread was priceless. I did assure her I wasn't making sandwiches later.

Mitch posted a few YouTube videos about the experience. Check them out


(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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