With legal recreational marijuana becoming a reality in Minnesota tomorrow (8/1)  the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is preparing to battle any restrictions relating to cannabis users owning guns in Minnesota.

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According to an article from kfgo.com, Vice President Rob Door said that the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is set to protect the constitutional rights of those that choose to use cannabis products to own guns in Minnesota.

He addressed the House Judiciary Committee about a past case where Rod Hamilton, a former Minnesota State Representative from Mountain Lake was denied the right to own a firearm in Minnesota after enrolling in the state's medical marijuana program.

For now, according to federal law, anyone that uses an illegal substance is prohibited from buying a firearm. So until marijuana is removed from the federal list of schedule 1 drugs, buying a gun won't be allowed if you use any cannabis product.

How they will be able to keep track of who uses recreational cannabis products, I don't know. Medical marijuana program requires you to register where as, I don't believe buying recreational marijuana would be as trackable.

That being said, according to ATF.gov; Regardless of the recent changes in Minnesota law related to the legalization of marijuana, an individual who is a current user of marijuana is still federally defined as an “unlawful user” of a controlled substance and therefore is prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms or ammunition

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