I'm really starting to believe that people are getting crazier every day. Yeah, I know, I'm a slow learner.  I have no idea what this lady was thinking at the time or if she was, indeed, thinking at all.

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We all get to that point where we decide that maybe it's time to clean the car out.  Stuff accumulates over time and hits a certain point where action must be taken.

Imagine, if you will, that you are cruising down a busy freeway and all of a sudden it hits you. "I must clean out my car, right now!"

Yesterday, a lady decided to do just that. It wasn't like at a carwash or even her own driveway she picked to do the car cleanout. No, it was on the shoulder of 35W at East Hennepin, Minneapolis. Not even on the top ten places I'd choose, but each to their own.

I can't fathom what possessed this woman to pull over right there and proceed to clean out her car. Her trunk appeared to be full of who knows what but I really believe there is a time an place for everything. Although the time may have been right, the place was just nothing short of a bazaar choice.

On the Twin Cities Crime Watch and Information page on Facebook many people driving by the "impromptu car cleanout" had comments.

Flo D commented;

"Traffic got a lil backed up cause she was walking out in the highway."

Josh D commented;

 "Glad nobody got hurt[.] This [is] even more messed up then a good olde fashion Florida story"

Twin Cities Crime Watch and Information Facebook
Twin Cities Crime Watch and Information Facebook

It seems the Minneapolis Police also thought this was not only a strange thing to do, but also worthy of slapping the handcuffs on her. There's no information on what she was being detained for or charged with.

Stay tuned!

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