Say Hello to Emmy! She is a very sweet girl who can be nervous at first, but when she warms up to you, she will be your best friend! Emmy was surrendered because she is very nervous around small children. She should not go to a home with young kids; she could go to a home with older children, but we ask that they come in to meet her before taking her home.

Emmy thinks she is a lap dog (an 80-pound lap dog!) and loves attention. This gorgeous girl has super soft fur- she would make a great snuggle buddy! She is usually not a fan of other dogs and has displayed food aggression when around dogs, so she should would do best as a solo canine in her new home.

Emmy tends to bark a lot when she is nervous or scared. She can be nervous around strangers and would benefit from additional socialization and confidence building. She is very good at giving you warning signs (barking, avoiding, etc.) if she does not like something; it is important to watch Emmy's body language and remove her from any treacherous situations where she or someone else could get hurt.

She has never met a cat, but she tends to have a prey drive towards critters outside, so go very slow if attempting to introduce her to a feline friend. We always recommend slow and proper introductions to any resident pets or people; ask a staff member for detailed tips.

Emmy's favorite things are playing with toys and chasing squirrels. She loves her toys but she will destroy them if she can so she should have durable toys that can hold up to this power chewer. She is used to being crated at night and when home alone. Her crate is her safe space, and she is used to eating in her crate as well. She should have a wire crate because she tends to chew on plastic ones.

She enjoys being outside- it would be best for her to have a fenced in yard so she can run off some of her energy. Emmy loves walks and car rides. She is quite overweight and would benefit from regular exercise and a portion-controlled diet to help her shed the extra pounds. This sweet girl is potty trained and will get your attention by sitting by the door and/or whining.

Emmy is anxiously awaiting her fur-ever home! Come and meet her today! Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


The Tri-County Humane Society is an independent, nonprofit animal shelter in St. Cloud, MN, providing quality services to people and animals since 1974.

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