On most occasions when you decide to grab some breakfast at IHOP, it's usually after a visit to your favorite libation station aka bar. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the visit will be pretty uneventful. You eat and leave feeling all sticky.

Strange things can happen when you cross that alcohol threshold from feeling good to feeling little or nothing. At any rate, this woman was over the "line of reason" and turned a Wisconsin IHOP into an impromptu dinner theatre. R rated, of course.

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According to Newsbreak.com, the IHOP main act of the night was a sporty woman named Consuelo Guenther, not exactly a catchy marquee name but I'm guessing she is still in the amateur ranks.

Consuelo, at some point during her visit to IHOP, somehow rationalized that dropping her pants and hopping around the restaurant seemed like a pretty good idea. We've all been there, right? Oh, maybe just me?

While dancing around the IHOP dining room with her pants around her ankles, Consuelo was yelling incoherently but I'm sure she thought she was making perfect sense.

After Consuelo's naked show in the IHOP, she retired to her dressing room, actually her car which was a big mistake. When the cops got to the IHOP, Consuelo was sitting in her car and not quite dressed for the weather. She also had the car running which got her a DUI.

She was also charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

After a night like that, a person may just want to get away for awhile. Drunk Wisconsin Woman Does The Naked Hop At IHOP

Seems that is exactly what Consuelo did. When reporters attempted to reach her for comment, she was in Mexico.

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