Celebrating 75 years of anything is quite an accomplishment.  And when you are a business that has been in business for 75 years, that is a major feat.  Especially when you consider today's business climate.

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The Dairy Queen in Moorhead has officially been in business for 75 years, and they are celebrating with several fun things, one of which happens to be a cone throne.

PHOTO: Moorhead DQ Facebook page
PHOTO: Moorhead DQ Facebook page

Their website is so fun too.  They have sayings like "we don't serve ugly ice cream".  I'm wondering what "ugly" ice cream is, but I'm intrigued.  They also have quite a history of being the second oldest Dairy Queen in Minnesota.  The Moorhead location opened in 1949, while the oldest DQ is the located on Lexington in Roseville. That location opened in 1947.

The Moorhead DQ was originally opened by Bob and Phyllis Litherland.  Since then, Troy and Diane DeLeon have taken it over, and are careful to carry on the tradition set by the Literland's with a fun, family atmosphere.

The DQ in Moorhead will always opens on March 1, regardless of the weather.  There could be a complete blizzard outside while you are ordering your DQ Blizzard.  Minnesotans love their ice cream, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You know you’ve officially survived a Minnesota winter when you find yourself standing in line at the Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen’s traditional walkup window as we open for the season. On March 1st, regardless of what Mother Nature thinks, we say it’s time for a Blizzard!

So take a cruise up to Moorhead, and make a stop at the Dairy Queen and get a great photo opportunity, along with some sweet cool treats. Why not?

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