If there's one thing we all learned, it's that Bigfoot's real name is Darrell. I'm not quite sure where I stand on whether Bigfoot exists or not. There are some totally believe but I have one small problem with whether he exists or not.


Why hasn't anyone ever found skeletal remains of the mysterious creature. You'd think they would have to die sometime, right. But then again, Bigfoot is the undisputed hide and seek champion.

It seems that St Louis County has the most Bigfoot sightings in Minnesota. There's a group that actually records sightings of Bigfoot. Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization or BFRO collect alleged sightings and volunteer investigators follow up and try to rule out other possibilities.

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A hunter reported a sighting near Floodwood, Minnesota in November of 1997. He claimed he heard something stomping through the woods. At first, he thought it was a bear but reported he then saw a large gorilla type creature with long hair. The creature let out a howl and retreated into the woods.

In April of 2018 on highway 73 near Cook, Minnesota, a driver said he saw a strange creature sitting in a ditch. The creature then stood up and walked across the road. The man estimated it was 7-8 feet tall. The man also described the smell in the area as the "foulest, most rancid body odor you could imagine".

In September of 2012, a bear hunter was out checking his bait stations when he saw a large gray & white creature running through the woods on 2 legs.

If the urban legends are actually true, this creature has to be the most elusive thing ever. However, considering the current state of the world, I can hardly blame him for hiding.

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