SAUK RAPIDS -- A local baseball training facility is under new management.

Former owners Gary Posch and Joe Sexton sold Acceleration Sports Center to The Minnesota MASH Baseball Club Tuesday. Posch says while the business has been successful, they weren't able to dedicate enough time to it, to take it to the level they knew it could reach.

What we couldn't offer to our customers from an infrastructure stand point is exactly what MASH does. So it made for a natural transition to have them take over ownership.

Posch says MASH has been looking at moving into central Minnesota for a while and have a number of local athletes that come to their facility in Eagan.

MASH co-owner Steve McGuiggan says they are looking forward to bringing their family culture to central Minnesota.

It's a great opportunity for us to expand. We are big in making sure we have a very unique culture and it aligned very well with the people at Acceleration. We're excited to continue to inspire growth in young athletes.

McGuiggan says it will be business as usual and Acceleration Sports will remain open as they continue this transition. He adds they also plan to keep Augie Rodriguez on staff to help teach local athletes.

Acceleration Sports started four years ago, and the new facility in Sauk Rapids was built two years ago.

Posch says the sale is only for the Acceleration Sports Center and not the St. Cloud Rox organization.

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