Minnesotans love any excuse to get the family together and enjoy a big meal! Thanksgiving pretty much checks off all of our 'happiness' boxes. Minnesotans could never turn someone away from their dinner table. That being said, if you're attending a Minnesota Thanksgiving dinner, there are some rules. Follow this list and you'll be good to go. Break any of these rules and you might be making a lifelong enemy without even realizing it. Here are the 10 commandments of attending a Minnesota Thanksgiving dinner.

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1. Thou shalt NOT show up early. Unless you're specifically told to be there early, don't. It's just rude.

Abbey Minke

2. Thou shalt NOT wear wet, muddy shoes in the house. Minnesotans will try to play cool like they're not mad about it...but, they'll carry a grudge forever. You probably won't get invited next year.

Brent Hofacker/Thinkstock

3. Thou shalt NOT decline leftovers. It's insulting. I mean, half of the reason grandma slaves over the hot oven all week is because of the joy she thinks it'll bring her family. TAKE THE LEFTOVERS, MAN!

rosalind-chang-_jf4UDKcE-U-unsplash (1)

4. Thou shalt NOT criticize the food. Maybe the gravy doesn't have enough flavor or the turkey is dry...maybe you think deviled eggs are disgusting and giblets in the stuffing is vile--keep it all to yourself.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud

5. Thou shalt NOT show up empty-handed. Even if it's your MOM that's hosting dinner and she insisted that you 'just bring your beautiful self', you need to show up with SOMETHING. In that instance, wine, flowers, chocolates, nuts, or something for the host to enjoy later as a thank you.


6. Thou shalt NOT throw away your paper plate facing upward in the garbage can. It's rude. If the dinner host sees all of the food you didn't eat, they'll feel awful. Paper plates go face down in a Minnesota garbage can.


7. Thou shalt NOT make any Last minute dietary requests. Those need to be established weeks prior to dinner. If you've got a last-minute request for no dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, etc. then plan accordingly yourself.


8. Thou shalt NOT show up wanting oven space. Make your own food at home, Jan. No, you can't bake your weird concoction in my oven. No one eats your food anyway.


9. Thou shalt NOT request to use the host's Tupperware. Be an adult...bring your own. Otherwise, you're not getting leftovers, AND you just broke commandment #3.

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10. Thou shalt NOT leave without saying goodbye to every single person. Your goodbye is going to take forever. Plan for it. If you've got another Thanksgiving to head to at 2 p.m. then you need to start those goodbyes at 1 p.m.

Now, go out and eat! Happy Thanksgiving!