Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had some interesting remarks regarding the NFL lockout. He said that the league treats players like modern-day slaves. That is one of the most over-the-top statements I've heard from a player in the last handful of years.  We've heard other comments that reference war quite frequently.

In no way are professional athletes anywhere close to slaves.

First of all, even the lowest paid player makes close to $500,000 a season, not exactly poverty levels. If my memory serves me right, slaves were paid nothing for working long days.

Second, I haven't seen any professional athlete get whipped for making comments towards his employer, or put to death because he wasn't doing his job.

I am a huge fan of Adrian Peterson, and I have enjoyed watching him during his career.  But for him to say something like this is completely crossing the line. Peterson is scheduled to make ten million dollars this season (if they play) so he's not going to be hurting for money.

Do the players put their bodies at risk every time they step on the field? Of course they do, everyone would admit that. But they choose to play football, nobody has captured them from their hometowns and shipped them to NFL cities against their will. They have enough money to live lavish lifestyles and drive fancy vehicles.

So note to professional athletes, stop with the war/slavery/whoa is me attitude. You won't find many people who feel sympathy for professional athletes.