Minnesotans are resourceful and pretty darn funny when left to their own devices. For instance, take a look at this road sign located in St. Louis County! Did you see it? You might have missed the subtle addition, look again.

Image Credits Jeff Wallager
Image Credits Jeff Wallager

Hats off to Jeff Wallager of Quirky Minnesota Places for letting me use his funny photo he took of a sign in St. Louis County, that features a typical sign person walking, indicating a crosswalk area is coming up, and alerting drivers. But there is a martini glass that was added to the sign to make it look like James Bond is due to walk by any moment!

I'm not sure about how long the sign has been altered, but it's probably not the first sign to be tweaked in Minnesota, and probably won't be the last.

If you have visions of making changes to area road signs, you should know that it is a crime under Minnesota Statute 169.08.


No person shall, without lawful authority, possess, or attempt to or in fact alter, deface, injure, knock down, or remove any official traffic-control device or any railroad sign or signal or any inscription, shield, or insignia thereon, or any other part thereof. A person who voluntarily notifies a law enforcement agency that the person is in possession of such an article, and who returns the article within ten days after gaining possession thereof, shall not be subject to prosecution for such possession.

The old adage of look but don't touch comes into play here, but that sign sure is amusing.

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