Tell me this happens at other workplaces besides mine. We had a potluck at my office on Monday and had lots of potato chips and other snacks leftover. By Tuesday afternoon, I walk into our lunchroom and people had all the bags of chips, cookies, etc open on the table.

I kid you not, I walked in an hour later and you would think there was a struggle and a murder took place. No one is in sight, but chairs are tipped over, there are potato chips and other crap all over the place and I swear there was blood on the floor. Ok fine, so maybe it was jell-O, but still seemed kind of weird. I'm standing there thinking, "What the hell has gone on in here?! Did people just sit around the table like it was a trough, tear into the bags with their mouths and rip them apart like wild animals?"

So after their ritual or whatever the hell it was, every bag and container is empty but of course they are still on the table. I must be crazy to think that they would throw something away if it was empty.

Did I end up cleaning everything up and throwing stuff away? Hell no I didn't. After I took one look at the place, I backed out the room and said, "Screw this sh*t."

Does this happen at your workplace? And if my co-workers knows what happened in the lunchroom, please share.

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