I can still hear it clear as a bell in my head. My sister yelled it over and over as she ran down the stairs to wake me up on a winter morning to tell me we didn't have to go to school. Nothing like being woken up to be told you didn't actually have to wake up.

Still, there was no greater feeling as a kid than watching that scrolling list at the bottom of the news channel with the school updates. The anticipation would build until you saw your school name followed by "closed". Towards the end of my school experience, I remember there being an automated call that would come to the house to alert us as well that class was canceled for the day. But the best was seeing it on TV, nothing beat that build-up. (I heard some kids and parents just get text messages with what the plan is these days. How anti-climactic.)

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After attempting to sleep in, the rest of the day was spent completing the last-minute chore list mom put together, eating mac n' cheese or frozen pizzas, and fighting over who got to use the family computer first. My sister's best friend usually found her way over to our house at some point during the day as well. It was so simple but still so magical. That random day off thanks to Mother Nature was always a welcome break from the stress of school and sports.

As an adult, I look back and appreciate these days so much. A spontaneous break in the action as you go about winter. Most jobs don't have "snow days", if anything you might get the opportunity to work from home instead of driving into the office.

I wish I would have appreciated the luxury of a snow day in Minnesota more as a kid. There is nothing quite like it.

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