If we aren't helping others, then what are we really doing here?

- Jake Owen

A story has surfaced on Instagram via radio host Bobby Bones showing the true colors of Jake Owen's character. Bobby Bones shared a screenshot to his Instagram feed from Tennasean News detailing the story of a restaurant owner, Rose Arnold, that had a family member who needed to get from Tennessee to Minnesota for surgery.

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Rose Arnold was talking to a friend about it her family member's situation to a friend when Jake Owen overheard the conversation and lent a helping hand. Jake offered up his tour bus to get the family member to Minnesota the next day for brain surgery. Bobby shared the story with the message:

He won’t post this or share it. So I will. And this story was never made public by him. Good guy @jakeowenofficial . Always looking to help others. Love ya buddy

Jake Owen followed the post with a comment saying:

Wow, thanks dude. If we aren't helping others, then what are we really doing here?

Even though Jake never hopped on social media to share his good deed, I'm so glad that Bobby Bones did. Good deeds don't need a spotlight, but this one is a good reminder that it's important to step up and help out when you can. No matter how big or small the gesture, it might just be exactly what someone needs at the moment.

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