I think it can be fun trying new things. It's especially awesome if you try something new and end up falling in love with it! There are some influencers on Youtube that have made huge careers off of trying the 'new' thing and sharing their feedback with the world.

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If you're someone who enjoys trying the latest and greatest products, then you're going to love this! Coborn's Grocery announced that they have added 10 new items to their stores in March!

So, what are you waiting for! This list kind of seems like a fun little treasure hunt to help get through the rest of winter. Find all of the items, test them out and then let everyone know your thoughts!

  • Clorox Disinfecting Mist: it's like a Clorox wipe but in mist form.
  • OREO Confetti Cake Cookies: they're in celebration of OREO's 110th birthday.
  • ALWAYS SAVE Iced Cookies: they're oatmeal cookies with icing on top.
  • Bodyarmor Sports Drink: They've got new flavors without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes.
  • Starbucks Energy Drinks: they've got 160mg of caffeine and come in several fruity flavors.
  • Sparkling Ice Lemonade: you can get the new variety pack featuring the new Berry Lemonade flavor.
  • JOJO's Chocolate Bars: These are made with protein and healthy ingredients. The brand creator invented these while battling cancer to combat sugar cravings.
  • Post Premier Protein Cereal: these come in two flavors; mixed berry almond or chocolate almond.
  • Kelloggs Eggo Poptart: If you love Poptarts and Eggo Waffles...this product is for you. It literally combines the best of both worlds, giving you a Poptart that tastes like a waffle.
  • Rao's Homemade Pizza Sauce: If you love homemade pizza and it's a staple in your weekly meal rotation, then try changing things up a bit with a new sauce? You might love it.


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