We knew they were going to be bad, but we had no idea it would be like this.

The Minnesota Twins have the worst pitching staff in all of baseball.  Sadly, that's not just my opinion, as the pitching statistics thus far in 2012 are proving that to be fact.

The most horrible number?  That falls in the category of "run differential".  This is how many runs the Twins have been outscored by, so far this season.  Thru 74 games, the Twins have a run differential of (-95).  This means they are spotting the opponent @ 1.5 runs per game.  That makes it almost impossible to win.

There are several culprits, but really, we knew these guys weren't very good when the season started.

Carl Pavano was the number one starter, how has he been this year?  Bad!  He is 2-5 in 11 starts, with an ERA of 6.00.

Francisco Liriano has been just as bad.  2-7 in 12 starts, with an ERA of 5.30.

Nick Blackburn - 4-5 in 12 starts with an ERA of 7.12.

Thank the good Lord for Scott Diamond.  The young lefty has been a godsend for the Twins rotation, and is 6-3 with an ERA of 2.67.

Alex Burnett has been fantastic all year in relief, too, but other than that - the Twins pitchers have all been terrible disappointments.

All the "fixing" this off season for the Twins - has to happen on the mound.