It's a fair question.

Until very recently, my answer, and really the only deserving candidate, was Josh Willingham.

His batting average has certainly come back to earth, as now he is hitting a very average .277 - but he is the team's co-leader in home runs with 15, and he leads the team in RBI's with 49.  He has played a very good left field all year.

What about Joe Mauer?  He has quietly climbed back into the batting race, and is currently at .321, far and away better than any catcher in either league.  He also leads the Twins in hits, and on base percentage.  His power numbers are down, but Mauer has remained healthy, and that has always been half the battle with him.

And what about my guy, Trevor Plouffe?  He started off the year slowly, but has put together a real power surge in May and June.  The average is still iffy (.243), but there is no questioning Plouffe's power, and importance, to the Twins line-up.  Plouffe is 2nd on the team in slugging percentage, and OPS, behind only Willingham.

My last nominee would be the often overlooked, Ben Rivere.  Rivere leads the team in batting average (.323), and in stolen bases (15) - in only 41 games played.  He needs to learn to draw more walks, but he is always a serious threat on the bases.  Rivere is also an outstanding defensive outfielder.

My vote goes to Willingham.

Mauer, just because he's a catcher, should be a lock, as well.

Rivere and Plouffe have All-Star games in their near future, I do believe, however!