Last night (Jan 8) outspoken Vikings' Punter Chris Kluwe went toe-to-toe with Stephen Colbert. The smarmy host took his best shots at Kluwe, but the sandal-clad special teams booter fended them off. When Colbert pressed him on his now infamous, yet hilarious NSFW rant to in defense of pro-gay Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, he cut right to the chase and gave Stephen an earful.

But the line of the night, as always, belonged to Stephen, who commented that Kluwe and the Vikings got their 'lutefisk' handed to them in the 'Cholesterol Bowl' the previous weekend. But Stephen pointed out that Kluwe is really the winner;

" guys lost, but then again Green Bay is having to practice in the cold right now, and you don't have to work tomorrow and you're hanging out with celebrities... so who really won?"

Watch the entire interview below.