The Jets came through for us on Monday night, but last week, in general, did not go well.  The Steelers and Patriots both win, but neither cover.  Plus, I really wanted to bet on the 49ers in Detroit, but chickened out at the last second.

Live and learn, I suppose.  We'll see how fast of a learner Christian Ponder is, as he makes his first career start against the world champs - and I've thrown in a 'bonus' college selection this week, as well.  There's no way we could have two losing weeks in a row, is there?  No way, Jose!

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1.5) vs. Chicago Bears -- The Bucs still don't get the respect they probably deserve, even after a big statement win last week against the Saints.  How are they NOT favored in this game, especially at home?  True, the Bears are coming off of an impressive win last Sunday night.  But the Vikings never challenged them in that game - not for one single minute.  The Bears offense is still wildly inconsistent, if not straight out terrible, when they can't run the ball.  The Bucs offense is surprisingly well balanced, and young QB Josh Freeman has already shown the ability to comeback from large leads, and win games in the 4th quarter.  I don't think the comeback will be necessary this week.  Bucs win, 23-17.

2) Carolina Panthers (-2.5) vs. Washington Redskins -- The young Panthers have come close a lot this year, but have often shot themselves in the foot during the second half of games this year.  Turnovers have hurt, but Cam Newton keeps the offense dangerous on every play.  The Panthers have weapons on offense - unlike the visiting Redskins.  The 'Skins are making a change at QB this week, but I don't expect that to matter much.  Their "D" is respectable, and will keep them in the game for a while - but I like to use the phrase "they won't be able to keep up" - when talking about teams like the Redskins.  Carolina wins won for the home crowd, though ugly, 21-10.

3) Denver Broncos (+1.5) at Miami Dolphins -- Anyone familiar with me this season, knows that I have been betting against Miami every week.  Why stop now.  Tim Tebow is making his first start of the year for the Broncos, and it comes in a bit of homecoming game for him, returning to Florida.  I'm drinkin' the kool-aid, if you know what I'm saying!  Both of these teams are bad, but the Dolphins offense is beyond bad.  Tebow won't have to complete too many passes against Miami - and coming off the bye week - he has had a full two weeks to prepare for this game.  His supporting cast is not good, but he is a leader, a winner, and a great athlete.  I believe this is the game that Broncos fans have been waiting for, since they drafted Tim Tebow.  It's the beginning of a new era, and I think it starts with a win in Miami.  24-20, Denver.

4) Green Bay Packers (-8) at Minnesota Vikings -- Christian Ponder is making his first career start at home, against the defending world champion, and still undefeated, Green Bay Packers.  Talk about biting off more than you can chew!  Ponder is obviously not ready to play - he is being put in the line of fire only because the season is effectively over for the Vikes, and Donovan McNabb has not been good at all.  The Vikes have serious defensive issues, too, especially in the secondary.  That doesn't bode well for them, as Aaron Rodgers, and the high flying Packers offense, may have this game wrapped up by halftime.  The Metrodome will be at least half green & gold, as the Green Bay following is always strong in Minnesota.  Expect to see fans of the purple heading for the exits by mid 3rd quarter.  Not only do they have no chance of winning - but there is not even a chance that this is close.  This is the epitome of two teams headed in opposite directions.  Packers all day long, 45-14.

5) Kansas City Chiefs (+4) at Oakland Raiders -- The raiders still have no idea who will be playing QB for them this Sunday, after last week's injury to starter Jason Campbell.  They want it to be Carson Palmer, who has admitted that he is in no shape to make a start just yet, for the Raiders.  The Chiefs, meanwhile, have  found themselves a bit a recent weeks.  Matt Cassell has taken control of the offense, and taken good care of the football, too.  K.C. has been riddled with key injuries this year, but still always plays very hard - and the Raiders offense this week will be extremely simple.  Oakland has gotten the better of this rivalry of late, but I think the Chiefs are going to have their number on Sunday.  The Chiefs offense makes more big plays, and wins, 20-13.

6)  USC Trojans (+9) at Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- Here's a bonus selection - just so you have a little action on Saturday.  Take the Trojans, as Notre Dame can't stop anyone.  Trojans QB Matt Barkley will have a field day against a weak Irish secondary, and should be able to match points with the Notre Dame offense.  Trojans in a barn-burner, 39-37.

Last week: 2-3

For the season: 14-10