Last week was "money, money, money, money" - as only the Rams let us down.  Did your bookmaker start running with his tail between his legs, when he saw you coming to collect?  Hopefully so.

Don't feel bad for "the man", however, because there are plenty of suckers out there.  It's just nice to NOT be one of them.

Week 5 features a lot of teams that gotta win.  As bettors, we always gotta win.  Here are this week's selections;

1) Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills -- Talk about a team that badly needs a win - I present to you the Philadelphia Eagles.  Andy Reid knows this is the game that will make, or break, his season - and I expect him to pull out all the stops against the over-rated Bills.  If Buffalo was any good at all, they would've beaten the Bengals, period.  There will be a ton of points in this game, but the Eagles have better, and more, weapons than the Bills do.  Philly is healthy, and mad about blowing last week's game to the 49ers.  They will keep the pedal to the metal until the final whistle - when the scoreboard will read, 38-27 Eagles.

2) Houston Texans (-5.5) vs. Oakland Raiders -- With Arian Foster back last week, the Texans dominated Pittsburgh.  Andre Johnson is a big question mark this week, and is a game time decision - but the Texans "D" has been very good.  I've been saying all year that the raiders are extremely over-rated, so this is another chance for me to prove that point.  This looks like it could be the year Houston has been waiting for - and the Texans have become very formidable at home.  The Raiders inconsistent play on both sides of the football, make for very good television - but I don't want to bet on it.  The Texans are for real, while the raiders.....not so much.  Texans win easy, 34-14.

3) San Francisco 49ers (-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- I am a big believer in Jim Harbaugh.  He has been outstanding as a coach wherever he has been - and now he appears to be on the verge of putting the Niners back where they were decades ago.  Frank Gore is the key on offense, but Alex Smith has been good at QB, too - and the defense has come up with very timely stops, and turnovers.  The Bucs are a good, young, team coming off a big win last Monday night.  But I believe the 49ers are better, and on their way to a division title.  Last week's win at Philly was the kind that can lift a team (especially one with a very favorable schedule) for a long time.  Niners win at home, though not easy, 21-16.

4) Atlanta Falcons (+6) vs. Green Bay Packers --  Picking against the Pack does not seem like the thing to do, right now, I understand.  But while their offense really IS just about perfect - they still have unresolved issues defensively.  The Falcons will be very motivated for this nationally televised game - as they badly are looking for a little respect, and payback, for last year's bad playoff loss.  Again here, I expect a ton of points.  Michael Turner is the key for Atlanta, as they need him to run well, and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.  I feel an upset, but I'll take the Falcons at home, with all those points, for sure.  Atlanta wins on a late FG, 40-37.

Detroit Lions (-5) vs. Chicago Bears -- The Lions have been waiting for a game like this ever since Barry Sanders retired.  They are 4-0, and ready to show the entire nation on Monday Night Football that it is no fluke.  Speaking of flukes, into Detroit comes a Bears team that can't run the ball, can't stop the pass, and almost lost at home last week to Carolina.  The Lions are about to take many years of frustrations out on the Bears, Jay Cutler in particular.  If the Lions get off to a fast start - this one could get ugly quick.  Don't expect the Lions to show their long time rivals any mercy whatsoever, either.  Calvin Johnson really is unstoppable.  Detroit early and often, 35-13.

Last week; 4-1

For the season; 10-5