The Twins have taken the philosophy finding pitchers that throw strikes and pitch to contact to reduce the wear and tear on their arms.  These pitchers arn't hard throwers and can't overpower the opponent.  Liriano used to throw hard but has become less of a hard thrower that is encouraged to force contact.  Baker, Pavano, Duensing and Blackburn are all pitch to contact pitchers.  Baker and Liriano may strikeout to few but the others strikeout 2-3 a game.  In the bullpen Nathan used to overpower people but after Tommy John surgery he's not doing that.  Capps looks worse this year and the others look more like minor league pitchers.  The Twins don't draft the hard throwers either.  Top prospect Kyle Gibson is a nice pitcher but doesn't throw 96 MPH or higher either.  It would be unrealistic to think the Twins could have only hard throwers but they need 2 or 3 to infuse some variety.  The "Twins way" isn't working this year.