Jim Thome’s multi homerun game Monday made him the 8th player in Major League history to hit 600homeruns. This feat in and of itself is extremely impressive. But the most impressive part about Thome’s career is that he has not once been linked to performance enhancing drugs.

So many athletes today have been linked to any number of performance enhancing drugs to help them gain an edge over everyone else.

Throughout his career, Thome has dealt with back issues that have caused him to miss a handful of games at a time. He has not used any aid to help him recover from those issues. Thome has achieved his numbers from a combination of tireless work ethic and his ability to crush a fastball.

When he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame, I fully expect Thome to be inducted. And I will be delighted to be able to say I got to see him hit one of his many home runs in person.