I was in the store last weekend and turned to walk down the light bulb aisle. Just as I walked around the corner, a guy dropped a pack of light bulbs. *Crash* Broken glass everywhere. He looked up at me panicked. I held my hands up and bowed out. Sorry sucker, I’m not getting involved in this. But, that did get me to thinking about how things are packaged.

The light bulb is one of the most delicate items, so let’s just stick these delicate little bulbs in the most flimsy cardboard material possible.

And then we go to the other extreme where there’s this scenario: You buy a scissors and you need a scissors to open the scissors packaging, right? And nothing is worse than your kid’s toys. Ever try to open a Barbie doll or some sort of action figure toy on Christmas morning? It's borderline like breaking into a vault.

But the packaging that pisses me off the most is the battery, especially the bulk packages of batteries. The cardboard is so stiff and hard, it’s impossible to break it apart just to pop the batteries out of there. Sometimes they are so difficult to open, you just say forget it, maybe there’s a certain “battery-operated device” that could use a break tonight.