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Another name linked to the Gophers head coaching vacancy is Marquette head coach Buzz Williams. Williams has had a very successful tenure at Marquette and is known as a student of the game. Williams devotes almost all of his free time to some aspect of the game, so his attention to detail could be just what the doctor ordered for the gophers. Here are the qualifications he brings to the table:

Coaching Experience-

  • New Orleans: 2006-2007 (14-17 overall, 9-9 conference record)
  • Marquette: 2008-present (121–53 overall, 60-30 conference record)
  • Career record: 135–70, 69-39 playoff record
  • Tied for first place in the Big East (2012-2013)
  • Reached the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament 3 consecutive seasons (2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013)

Pros brought to table-

  • Williams is known for the amount of detail he puts into coaching.
  • Williams has good success in the Big East and the NCAA Tournament.
  • Williams has a track record of being able to get top recruits.


  • Not from the region.
  • Would be coming from a low pressure school to a high pressure school with big expectations.
  • Was suspended for one game resulting from a scandal involving an assistant coach, though he was not involved.

My thoughts-

Williams would bring an energy and enthusiasm to the job that would be ideal to breathe life into the basketball program. His attention to detail would be an asset when trying to match up against the other teams in the Big 10. But Williams is not from the region and wouldn't have the connections right away that could help in recruiting. Marquette is also a smaller school and doesn't face the pressure and expectations from the large fan base that a Gophers head coach would face. I like Williams as a candidate and would be happy with him should he be hired to be the next Gophers head coach.