If you were to tell me before the NCAA tournament began that the Final Four would be VCU versus Butler and UConn versus Kentucky, I would've said "that's a possibility."

OK, I'm lying about that one, I would've asked how much you'd had to drink.

This is the wildest tournament I've seen as there are no number one seeds in the Final Four for only the third time in history. We've had upsets and buzzer-beaters galore.

VCU and Butler have made unlikely runs to the Final Four this year and have created quite the stir in the national media along the way. Kentucky and UConn have beaten solid teams on their way to Houston, but weren't really picked to make it this far.

If the Final Four is anything like the rest of the tournament, we'll be in for a treat Saturday night. I'm looking forward to these match-ups, and it's nice to see surprise teams make it this far. I'll have my picks later in the week, but if they're anything like they've been so far, I may as well just keep my mouth shut.

One other thought...

I get tired of hearing that the best team doesn't always win the tournament. Just because a number one or two seed doesn't win it all, in no way does that disqualify the champion as the best team. In a playoff system that is a one and done format, you have to play well every game to advance. So if you think Ohio State was the best team in basketball, why aren't they still playing? It's because they weren't the best team against Kentucky. Same thing goes for Kansas, they lost to VCU, so Kansas can't be the considered the best team.

It's about playing your best at the right moment, and the best team proves that by being the team holding the championship trophy. I don't care that they didn't play in a power conference and weren't ranked in the top ten all season, they proved it in the playoffs.