The Twins have signed free agent catcher Ryan Doumit to a 1-year deal worth $3 million. He is expected to be the backup catcher for Joe Mauer.

In addition to catching, Doumit can also play first base and outfield.

Doumit has always possessed a good bat, being more of an offensive player than a defensive one. Because of the lack of offensive players the Twins currently possess, I think we will see Doumit at multiple positions next season to try to get his bat in the lineup as much as possible.

Granted, if Joe Mauer is injured, Doumit will slide into the starting catcher spot. But I expect him to play about as many games at first base and outfield as he will at catcher.

With the impending loss of Michael Cuddyer, the Twins needed a player that could play multiple positions and Doumit certainly fits that description. This will also allow the Twins to carry three catchers in the event that Doumit plays DH and Mauer needs to be taken out of the game. Overall I like the signing and look for Doumit to have a good year in Minnesota.