WeldieBlog: Worst..Period…Ever
The strangest thing over the weekend was how the collapse happened on Friday. I have never seen a Husky period like that. I tried to think of times where we spectacularly blew a period, but there hasn't been one.
WeldieBlog: Fixing Overtime
Hockey is a niche sport. College hockey is a smaller sect of that. If you are a new fan, trying to explain how overtime counts and doesn’t count at the same time is incredibly confusing.
WeldieBlog: All Eyes On St. Cloud
The North Dakota Fighting Hawks look to bump off the NCHC leader for the second week in a row as they prepare for a massive early season match up at St. Cloud State Huskies. Friday’s game starts at 7:37 pm, while Saturday’s game starts at 7 pm.
WeldieBlog: Huskies Post Convincing Sweep
With Western Michigan getting swept at North Dakota, that means the Huskies have now jumped into first place in the conference. North Dakota is second just one point behind the Huskies. That makes this weekend’s match-up all the more enticing.
WeldieBlog: Back To The Grind
Once Thanksgiving ends, thus ends the unofficial first third of the regular season. Nothing really is make-or-break at this point, but this is where teams really start to gel together. They find a routine and develop chemistry with teammates.
WeldieBlog: Bye Week Breakdown
With the Huskies men’s hockey team off this weekend, this gives us a good chance to take a look around the college hockey landscape to see how things are shaking out. Let's take a look at a few different teams from a few conferences around the college hockey landscape.
WeldieBlog: Recruiting Wars
Think of it this way: Imagine you suspect your significant other is cheating on you with someone you know and you two break up. Shortly afterward, those two start hooking up. Kind of suspicious, right?

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