Interim GM Terry Ryan’s first free agent signing in his second tenure with the Twins is nothing short of a head-scratcher.

38-year-old journeyman Jamey Carroll will get a chance to be the everyday shortstop for the Twins after he has reportedly agreed to a 2-year-deal worth around $7 million.

Carroll has always played adequate defense all over the infield, and gets on base at a fairly good rate. But he has been more of a utility player throughout his career and has only played over 130 games 3 times in his career. I can only wonder if Carroll will be able to handle the grind of a 162 game season at 38 years old. And if he is unable to, then the Twins are right back where they started, with a bunch of middle infielders that can’t play shortstop well.

Carroll should fit in nicely at the #2 spot in the batting order and provide a steady bat. Carroll hardly swings and misses, and should be able to get on base a lot and help move whoever hits in front of him up with numerous hit and runs.

But this brings me back to what I think is the biggest issue with this signing -- if Carroll breaks down, or even after this deal is up, then who is going to play shortstop?