With the twelfth pick in the draft the Vikings rolled the dice and too Christian Ponder. I said on the air yesterday that I hope the Vikings don't panic and draft a QB just to draft one. That's exactly what they did when they took Ponder. They left some talented players on the board, as Prince Amukamara was still available, along with all of the O-lineman. With that said, I'm not mad about the Vikings selection, because I have faith in Rick Spielman and the Vikings brain trust. I think Ponder is going to work out fine for the Vikings, and become our "franchise QB." Do i think he'll be Tom Brady, no. But do I think he's going to be a huge bust, no chance. The kid is extremely smart, and will grasp an NFL offense. He can throw on the run, and be accurate. Not a huge arm, but we've seen how the big arm has worked out i.e. T-Jak. If your buy into what people are saying, you will think the pick is no good, but don't believe them, this pick is going to work out in our favor.