Here we go again! In a story to be shown tonight on HBO, four Auburn players are revealing that they were given improper benefits while attending school.

They are also reporting that they were given improper benefits while being recruited by schools. One of the players says that he was given sexual favors while on a visit to Ohio State.

Is this type of story really a big surprise to anyone? Unless you've been under a rock for the last 20 years I would have to say no.

My problem with these type of stories is not the fact that they happen, although it's shameful that it's come to this. It's the fact that the NCAA still tries to cover it up as much as they do.

The NCAA tries to sell to the general public that it's a pure and holy atmosphere, and that the athletes are students first.

Give me a break!

That couldn't be further from the truth. Now, I will say that not all athletes get the advantages of top notch Division 1 athletes. With that said, I would love for the NCAA to stop pretending that they are shocked that players would get paid or receive other benefits while attending school.

Major colleges run a dirty "business" to try and get top athletes to attend their school. You can't tell me that the top athletic schools in the country land the best recruits every year solely based on "tradition" and title chances.

Giving players benefits has been a deeply routed problem in college athletics for at least three decades. Note to the NCAA, stop acting like so high and mighty when a dirty secret is casting a giant cloud over your head every year that passes.

Take a look at the HBO Real Sports preview.