Consider me one of those that is officially "drinking the Donovan McNabb kool-aid".  I'm on the bandwagon.  Compared to the drama, and horrible inconsistency, that Vikes fans have recently been forced to endure at the quarterback position - the perennial winner, and ultra-professional, McNabb would be a Godsend to Minnesota.

This is a guy who had a bad Redskins team at 3-3, until Coach Mike Shanahan unexpectedly, and still without reason, pulled the plug on McNabb's season.

Think about this - if the Vikings were to get McNabb to play QB - they would instantly catapult themselves into the thick of the NFC playoff picture.  They may still not be as good as their rivals, the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers, but they would be just as good, if not better, than everyone else.

The defense is good already.  The offense would be one of the better ones in the league.  The passion would be back in Minnesota Vikings football.  We would have a true leader, unlike Brett Favre.  We would have a guy who lives his life the right way, and who would be a true example to the younger players, unlike Brett Favre.

Lets' draft the best available player with that 12th pick.  I'd like the cornerback, Prince Amukamara, out of Nebraska (tough name, but trust me, he's a stud).  Let's not take a QB.  Instead, let 2 years of Donovan McNabb rub off on Joe Webb, and then see what happens with him.

If the Vikings were to acquire Donovan McNabb - football season would be fun again.  If not, 4-12.