In a ruling yesterday by Judge Susan Nelson, the NFL lockout has been "lifted." The players can return to work, and can head to team facilities starting today. This ruling does not end the lockout per se, but it sounds like the players have been given a big advantage in the case. From what I have read about the issue, it sounds as if the NFL will have a tough time getting an appeal to go in their favor, based on the way Judge Nelson worded her 89 page summary of the ruling. The two sides will continue to negotiate in May as scheduled to try and get and actual agreement in place to end the issue completely. Free agency could begin as soon as this week, or it could be on hold for a while longer. It depends on whether the league is granted and appeal. Same with trading the rights of players, although that could get complicated as well. Even though this is not the true end of the issue, it's nice to know that some significant progress is being made. If the NFL is not granted the appeal, football activities will begin much sooner that we anticipated, and the season will go on as scheduled. I think as fans that's all we care about. If the two sides wanna sue each other for the next one hundred years, more power too them as long as it doesn't cancel any football.