The Golden Gophers Men's Basketball team will not be participating in any post-season action this year.

After climbing to 13th in the polls in November, 10 losses in 11 games has ended the Gophers season. This might upset some people, but not me.

This will save the "U" the embarrassment of losing to a mid-major team on the road.

Al Nolen admitted he wasn't coming back for the rest of the year, so the team wasn't going to get any better than what we've seen for the last two months. What a free fall for a team that had high hopes coming into this season.

Now the question will be, will Tubby Smith return next season, or bail for another school? Indications from Smith himself would suggest that he is staying, but in a season filled with disappointment and frustration, nothing would surprise me at this point.

Meanwhile, my personal favorite time of the year in the sporting world is finally upon us! The NCAA Men's basketball tournament is the most exciting time of the year with all of the upsets and Cinderella stories. This tournament seems to be wide open, with no "super" team emerging throughout the regular season. I look forward to Thursday, when I take in more basketball than one person should take in over the course of four days. I'm sure millions of people will be joining me with the same plan in mind.