ST. CLOUD - This week's All-Star Student is a three sport athlete, student council president, and senior at St. Cloud Tech High School.

Jill Kedrowski
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

St. Cloud Tech student council adviser Jennifer Robak, and tennis coach Paul Bates have worked with Jill Kedrowski as she's made her way through high school.

"She's always wanting to get everyone involved. She's trying to think of fun creative things to make the school a better place," says Robak.

"Jill is an all around athlete," says Bates, "Kind of an all-around High School student. She's really active in a lot of the different areas, and then being involved in three sports she's just one that's a go getter."

Jill has been a member of student council since her freshman year, and playing with Tech Tennis since she was in seventh grade.

We'll start with student council.

"My brother was in it his freshman year, and I'm  a year younger so I started in freshman year and just continued on until this year," says Jill.

Now serving as the student council president Jill's goal was to get the student body more involved in the school.

Robak says, "She found out last spring that she would be the president for this year, and over the summer she was already brainstorming ideas."

Jill's effort hasn't stopped since school has started.

Brand new this year we had an assembly on the first day of school, and he brought in the Crunch mascot from the Timberwolves. We have a spirit jug this year for every grade. At the pep fest this year, we didn't do sports teams, we did all activities so everyone's involved.

St. Cloud Tech Girls' Tennis
(Photo: St. Cloud Tech Girls' Tennis)

Switching to Tennis now, Jill served as a captain this year, and Coach Bates says Jill was a leader in many ways.

"One of her ways was concern, and touching base with a lot of athletes, not just the varsity athletes, but the JV athletes too. I think she felt that's just a big important piece of the continuity of the program as these kids continue to move forward," says Bates.

The Tech Girls Tennis Team made it to state for a third year in a row this year. Jill's been there all three of those years.

"We had a lot of girls who had experience down there and it really helped with that, and it was really fun," says Jill.

"I think having that experience for her, along with the other seniors that we have this year, really took that leadership role really well, and really helped bring up the new players into the lineup," says Bates.

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