I had a bad dream last night.  When I woke up, though, I felt even worse than I did while in the midst of my nightmare.  You see, I realized that my horrific dream, may actually come to reality.

I dreamt that it was around Christmas time, early December.  And THERE WAS NO NFL FOOTBALL BEING PLAYED - NOR WAS THERE ANY NBA BASKETBALL.

Think about that.  It is not a likely scenario, but it certainly is possible.  While the National Football League appears to be on the verge of getting itself together (good thing, since the draft starts tonight) - all NBA parties have basically agreed that at current pace, there will definitely be a lockout next season.

Let's be honest, most wouldn't miss the T'Wolves all that much.  However, we Minnesotans can't live without the Vikes!  Heck, we Minnesotans can't live without FANTASY FOOTBALL!

I often wonder if these owners and players know how important their sports are to the every day fabric of American society.  They are all millionaires, if not billionaires.  An every day guy, such as myself, shouldn't feel like he cares about the game more than they do - but doesn't it seem that way?

So, imagine this Winter; watching the Wild,  Gophers football, basketball, hockey, SCSU hockey, and that's about it.


Sure makes our local high school sports a little more compelling, and that's not a bad thing.

But seriously, here's hoping that this Fall turns out just like last Fall.  Except, this year hopefully the Vikings, T'Wolves, and Wild (and Gophers), won't all be terrible AGAIN!

But, I'd rather watch bad football and basketball, than none at all!