Where do you go when you want to ramp up your sex life? A La Crosse couple thought a parking ramp stairwell might do the trick. Now the couple is facing charges after a fire alarm in the stairwell was pulled bringing the police and fire department to their little "love nest" in the stairwell.

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It must have been one of those extremely hot encounters. Hot enough to melt a block of Wisconsin cheese, I bet.

According to WKBT, the La Crosse Police and Fire Department were called to the parking ramp located at Market Square, in La Crosse, Sunday night a little after 10 PM.

Jonelle S. Hill, 41 and Joshua D. Whitedog, 42 were pretty tangled up in a hot love embrace, if you know what I mean, when the police and fire department arrived on the scene. The couple was on the third floor of the stairwell of the parking ramp.

When the police and fire department arrived there was no sign of a fire. Hill stated that she pulled the fire alarm because she needed some help, according to La Crosse County Circuit Court. What sort of help she was looking for wasn't clear.

Boy, there is nothing like unbridled passion. You know, the urge to merge so strong that a stairwell in a parking garage seems like a perfectly good place to get it on.

All is well that ends well, certainly wasn't the case here. In leu of a cold shower, the couple's hot love was rudely extinguished with charges of lewd and lascivious behavior. Both were also tagged for bail jumping and Hill faces charges of intentionally setting off a false alarm.

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