The Minnesota Twins started off the season with a rough weekend in Toronto. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who really follows the team. The Blue Jays hit home runs left and right, and pitching staff didn't look very good for most of the weekend.

But a rocky start does not mean fans should panic this early in the season. They play 162 games!

Now the Twins travel to New York to take on the dreaded Yankees. We all know the struggles that the Twins endure against New York. Knowing that there should be no panic among Twins fans if/when we come home to Target Field on Friday with a record of 2-5. Ya, it isn't the "ideal" way to start the year off, but we have to look at the big picture. It's only April 4th, I won't hit the panic button until we're down five or more games in August.

The division is weak as a whole, and we have yet to tap into division play (which we own our opponents head to head) so until the team starts losing series to the Indians and Royals, let's just enjoy the team.