BECKER - Becker Softball has had a great season posting an 17-1 regular season record. The team was led by the pitching duo of Senior Haley Harmon and Sophomore Brianna Corey, the co-All-Star Students of the Week. Head Coach Jason Baune says having two starting pitchers is a huge advantage for his team.

Brianna Corey and Haley Harmon
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

He says, "I think both of them are kind of leaders, and they knew that between the two of them they give us a stronger pitching duo then probably almost anyone in the state."

Harmon says,"It’s been a lot of fun this year because we’ve just been accomplishing all of our goals, and working together as a team. I think this year we have been the closest we’ve been in a long time."

"It’s exciting because we know how it feels," says Corey, "We were there last year, so to go back is what we want and pitching is a big part of getting there."

Brianna is talking about the State Tournament. A goal the whole team has had, and this pitching duo is sure to take their strong run into the post season.

Baune says "I think it really sets us up with a big advantage. I look back, our very first game of the season was at Champlain Park and they were a real solid team. We ended up going eleven innings I think it was, and each of them threw a little over five innings, where a lot of teams wouldn’t have that second pitcher when you have a game like that."

"It’s interesting," says Corey, "We do pitch differently. Haley’s a huge strikeout pitcher, and I like to get ground outs, pop flies. So it’s interesting to put another mix in during our games."

Harmon says, "I’m more of a speed pitcher, and she is faster but she throws more movement. I think that both of our pitching styles work well together, if I start and they start catching on then she can go in and shut them down and vise versa."

No matter how this year turns out for Bulldog’s softball this is Haley’s last year in the Becker uniform.

"It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be over yet," she says, "If we do make it to state it will be something that I definitely remember for a long time."

Brianna says she’ll miss the connection to two pitchers shared.

"Haley understands me. We’re both pitchers so we understand each other really well, and it’s good to have someone on the team who knows exactly what you’re thinking," says Corey.

Even with this duo coming to an end there is lots to look forward to for each of the players. Harmon is off to play college ball...

I’m going to Cornell College in Mt. Vernon Iowa.  I’ve always dreamed of playing college in some way whether it was DII or DIII, and I think it will be fun.

...While Brianna has two years left on the Bulldogs mound.

I’m looking forward to progressing as a pitcher, and keeping this team moving so we can try and go to state in our future years to.

Haley Harmon and Brianna Corey
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)