I worked for Todd County's 4-H program for three summers, and never miss the State Fair. I have a pretty good grasp of 'fair people', and narrowed it down to the 5 types of people you'll see at a county or state fair, as well as how to spot them.

1. The Parent

  • Has 2+ kids with them, all wanting to do completely different activities
  • Prepared for anything.
  • Great leg muscles from pushing a stroller full of kids, prizes from games, water bottles, and half eaten fair treats.

2. 4-H Super Star

  • Club t-shirt
  • Blue ribbons all around
  • Can't decide which project to take to the State Fair

3. "Cool" Teens

  • No parental supervision
  • Wearing new clothes meant for the upcoming school year
  • Hair and makeup done way too nice to be outside at a fair

4. Foodie

  • Different food item in hand every time they walk by
  • Sharing bites with who they came with saying "you HAVE to try this"
  • Takes a picture before biting into anything

5. Free Fiend 

  • "What do you have for free?"
  • Spotted with a heavy bag filled with free stuff - and can tell you exactly how to make the big haul they did
  • Usually wearing sunglasses or a foam visor they picked up from a booth

Which one do you identify with? I am for sure the Foodie. I even make my friends wait to bite into their food so I can take a picture of it. Leave which one you are in the comments!

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