Weather sirens blared around 6 o'clock Friday night in St. Cloud after a fast-moving storm system spun-out funnel clouds across the region.

Stearns County and City of St. Cloud Emergency Management Department Manager Erin Hausauer says local authorities determined the situation was serious enough to sound the weather sirens after weather spotters reported funnel clouds near Spring Hill, St. Martin and St. Joseph.

Hausauer says the National Weather Service did not issue a tornado warning because it did not meet their criteria. But they did release a Special Weather Statement cautioning the public to be on the look-out for strong thunderstorms with possible funnels.

Hausauer says it is rare that local authorities sound weather sirens without a National Weather Service Tornado Warning, but it has happened.

Hausauer says there are reports of storm damage in Stearns County, but authorities were still assessing the damage.