If you've been putting off going to the North Star College Cup since it began in 2014, clear your schedule for this weekend because it'll be your last chance.

The host school of the four-team tournament, the University of Minnesota, announced Tuesday that the 2017 North Star College Cup will be the last for the forseeable future.

According to a statement released by the 'U', the tourney is being discontinued due to a low interest level among fans, a notion SCSU hockey coach Bob Motzko seems to disagree with.

"We need time for it to grow and for the fans to catch on," Motzko said. "They complain that the crowds haven't been that great but I disagree, I think the crowds are growing."

"We've had over 10,000 people, to me that's a good crowd," Motzko added. "I know the building holds 19,000 people but that's a good starting point."

Motzko added that the date isn't exactly ideal, while adding that he hasn't been asked about the date by those in charge of the tournament.

"Not sure the date's the right date, they thought the date before the Super Bowl was the right weekend," Motzko said.

"If I was at the pay grade where somebody would call me and ask me, this is what I might say," Motzko continued. "To me it might be the start of the year, a hockey jamboree, to start the season."

"Everyone's excited for hockey, moving down to the Twin Cities for the fall," Motzko said.

"But we're all geared up for league play at this point, and we're close to the state tournament right now, "  Motzko concluded.

St. Cloud State won the North Star Cup in 2016, Bemidji State won in 2015 and Minnesota won the inaugural cup in 2014.

"It's conceptually a great tournament," Motzko said. "We've had three different champions in three years, that's another testament to this tournament and how strong hockey is in this state."

The Huskies will play against #20 Bemidji State at 4 p.m. Friday, followed by the University of Minnesota-Duluth playing against the University of Minnesota. The championship game will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday night.