ISH. I ran across this video on Facebook Reels, and it got me wondering A. where this woman from that the fish (carp) belly up to the dock, and B. how did she figure out that the fish would do this to her feet? For those wondering the video in question shows a woman telling the camera, and later a young girl, to dip their toe in peanut butter and let the fish suck it off.

The original video isn't on TikTok anymore, but there are a TON of reaction videos to it, which basically as the same questions I think we all have, the first is probably WHY.

The unknown foot fisherman seems to have discovered through some 'research' that these carp seem to enjoy peanut butter.

So I have to ask you, Minnesota, are you doing this? I've never seen a Minnesota fish just hanging out this like this.

While having fish eating peanut butter off your toes in the lake is one thing, I have seen spas offering services where fish eat the dead skin off your feet while you relax in a comfortable chair. I'd still pass on that too, but that seems WAY more normal than the peanut butter thing.

In terms of whether or not peanut butter is OK to feed fish, there are several websites that have some different opinions on that, but allows users to answer questions like Reddit, and it seems that peanut butter is OK in a small amount, but it's not something that should be fed to fish on a regular basis.



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