ST. CLOUD -- At the age of 18, most teenagers are deciding what college to attend, but for 18-year-old Mohamud Aden he is preparing for something he has wanted his whole life.

Even after he graduated from Tech High School Aden says all he wanted was to play Pro soccer.

Photo by: Mohamud Aden

Through a website search Aden found a Pro Soccer tryout. So on June 10, 11, 12 Aden and his friends drove to Maryland where he tried out for the Pro Soccer Consulting Firm (PSC).

“I told myself that just go there, have fun, get the experience and then maybe you will do another tryout if you don’t get picked” says Aden

For those three days Aden played against 25, 27, 29, and up to 30 year old players but that wasn’t the hardest part. Aden was fasting for the Month of Ramadan which meant he couldn’t drink water during his tryout but despite the obstacle he pulled through.

After the three day try out PSC told Aden to expect an email and what he was about to find out would change everything.

“I waited for five days and I didn’t care. One guy my friend from Willmar he called me he said yo I got the email did you get the email”

Out of 159 players who went to try out Aden was one of 20 that received an email back from PSC inviting him to compete in the European Development tour in Sweden and Finland from August 8 -18.

“I was like wow I still almost say wow because I got selected from all those guys”

But getting to that point was not something easy something his soccer teammates are well familiar with. Yahya Iman who’s known Aden from a young age says Aden has improved a lot from when he was Younger and He’s one of the leaders on the team

“If he makes it some of the Younger Teammates can see he made it and they know they can make it too. It’s going to open up a door for most of the players here" says Iman.

Although Aden has made to the point of being selected he must first come up with the money to get there.

The total fee for the tour costs $3395 dollars, and that covers food, lodging, travel, training/training facilities, and the opportunity to play against professional teams in professional venues across Sweden and Finland.

To help Aden reach his goal a Crowdrise page has been registered and any fee Aden says he would greatly appreciate.

To see Aden's Pro Soccer tryouts the video is below.

Rebecca David, WJON