Meet Tilly! She came to us as a transfer from another shelter, so little is known about her history. She was adopted and returned 5 months later due to her high energy. In the adopters home she had no indoor accidents and did best with a regular schedule.

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She will also paw at the door or her hanging leash if she needs to go out We know she has interacted well with both large and small dogs. She has not yet met cats. Tilly is a very smart girl with an active mind, she would do best in a home with lots of physical and mental stimulation daily!

She loves to run and also does well on car rides. She likes to "chatter" when you have something she wants. Because she's such a curious and active girl, Tilly would flourish in a household familiar with positive reinforcement training. She already knows the commands "sit" and "shake" as well as "kennel".

She will follow you to the ends of the earth for a treat! Tilly would love an active family, or a fenced in yard to burn energy; she does tend to do her own thing when off leash so should be monitored closely. She may do best in a home without young children due to her excitability. She has done well with older children.

She is very sweet and loves to be with her people and loves butt scratches, especially after she has gotten some of her extensive energy out!. In her previous home she did well without being kenneled.

She also loves to lounge in her jammies and watch movies ( 101 Dalmatians and Shrek are her favorites) It was said that she did great at the dog park and loves to play fetch. Stuffies are her favorite kind of toy and she will still play with them after she has gotten rid of all the stuffing. Tilly is known to be a bit anxious here in the shelter and would love a home soon!

Come meet Tilly today!! Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


The Tri-County Humane Society is an independent, nonprofit animal shelter in St. Cloud, MN, providing quality services to people and animals since 1974.

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