Say hello to Zepplyn! This sweet gal came to TCHS due to her being too active and the previous owners did not have the time she needed. She has been very sweet to staff since arrival and is obsessed with attention. The previous owners expressed some concern that Zepplyn can resource guard food and bones around people.


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Zepplyn should be fed in her crate or just by herself so she doesn't feel threatened. Zepplyn is crate trained and is used to staying the night in her crate. She is mostly housetrained and will whine by the door when she needs to go out but can have some piddle accidents if she is too excited.

She has lived with a small child but did not know her own strength and while sweet with them, she has knocked them down in the past; may need to be in a home with older children. She has not lived with cats or dogs. Slow and proper introductions are always recommended when bringing a new animal into the home.

It can take weeks or months for animals to settle into their new environment so time and patience are your best tools. It is not recommended to bring a new animal into the home and immediately introduce it to resident pets.

Ask a TCHS staff for tips on how to ease the transition. Zepplyn would love a home with a big yard for her to get her energy out or nice walks daily. Zepplyn is a smart girl who may need a little work on leash training and some manners (she likes to jump up on people). Could Zepplyn be your new best friend?!

Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, microchipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


The Tri-County Humane Society is an independent, nonprofit animal shelter in St. Cloud, MN, providing quality services to people and animals since 1974.

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