Favorite Cards

My Favorite Cards [GALLERY]
I have collected baseball cards off an on for my entire life. I would guess my most valuable card is worth about $100, extremely small potatoes in the collecting world.
My Favorite Cards: 1989 Topps Hank Aaron
The trade was made and I went on with my day, until there was a sudden loud and angry knock on our front door. As it turned out, Tony's mom realized that the Aaron card wasn't vintage or valuable at all-- it was just a common card from the 1989 set.
Talking Cards With Tom Elliott [PODCAST]
Tom talks about his collection, where he gets his vintage cards, how important the condition of cards is to his collection, about his favorite cards and what he hopes happens to his collection years down the road.
My Favorite Cards: 1969 Topps Nolan Ryan
When my dad and I would set up our booth at a card show, we would put this mutilated Ryan on the table with a price tag of $10. We both knew if anyone actually tried to buy the card we would not be able to follow through with the sale.

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