ST. CLOUD - Town team baseball has a very deep tradition in Stearns County. The Stearns History Museum is preserving that history with some interesting artifacts.

Curator Adam Smith says one example is a couple of baseball gloves used in the 1940's by Avon ballplayer Ambrose Heurung.

He says these gloves are historically significant for a number of reasons.

It's important for a number of reasons. I think it talks about some of the town teams aspects, the rich culture of town team baseball here in Stearns County. But it also speaks to some of the family heritage of playing baseball. Also, from the technology aspect as well we can see how baseball gloves have progressed throughout the years.

Smith says Heurung's four brothers and his dad all played amateur baseball in Stearns County.

He says the museum acquired the gloves in the 1980's when they put together a baseball exhibit.

Once a month WJON news looks at a different interesting artifact that they have in their collection at the Stearns History Museum.

Old baseball glove from the Stearns History Museum (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)